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Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Today I officially set up my space in Flutter N' Fly Makers Cove shop in Brockville, Ontario!


Flutter N' Fly Makers Cove is truly the place to go for extraordinary finds!


Flutter N' Fly Makers Cove is an awesome store with lots of different, unique handmade products from local creators around Eastern Ontario. There are stickers, tumblers, blankets, crochet products, and more!

In the weeks leading up to this milestone, I was quite busy getting my inventory ready to set up. I had (maybe too ambitiously) set out to have 30 stuffed animals ready for the store, which had led to several late nights of sewing to get it done in time. Excitingly, I also got to pick up my business cards and put them in the store!

Once the day had arrived, I set out to Brockville to set up my shelf in the store. After an hour of driving and another hour of tagging my items, I was finally ready to put the products on the shelf!


On my shelf, you can find stingrays, snails, dinosaur chicken nuggets, and turtles!

You can also find Totoro in one of the front windows of the store!

Stuffies By Steph business cards. Look how cool they are!


I'm excited for this new chapter of my business, so if you're Brockville, go check out this wonderful store! Everyone there is so friendly and there are so many awesome things (and not just mine :)) to check out!

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